Wow, been a lot of guns in a lot of faces lately. Plus some knives and at least one inspired case of terrorizing by weed wacker.

Let's start with the weed wacker.  "My one reader" knows I like words like weed-wacker.

(Quote is a total steal from Dan Ulmer and the Mandan News)

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But, the weed wacker is a real Tribune story.  Over the weekend, Bismarck man allegedly came up on two individuals with a weed-wacker.  Faces two counts of terrorizing.

On Sunday, the Trib reports in a time altering story, man is charged with terrorizing two individuals by sticking a gun in their face for calling 911.  So, which came first the chicken or the egg?

The Tribune is back on the story as Friday this one guy allegedly put a gun up on a ladies head and threatened to kill her.

Back to Sunday, an exhausted Bismarck Tribune crime beat reporter filed a story about a guy who ALLEGEDLY forced a man and a woman in their 30's to "the desert" in south Bismarck and threatened to "end their lives".  Everyone else in the desert continued to smoke pot and drink Old Milwaukee.

HEY LADIES! There's fun for everyone as KFYR-TV reports a lady allegedly followed some dude in to a Bismarck hotel and may or may not have pointed a shotgun at the nice employee working the night shift.  Sad really.

Our final story comes bright and early Tuesday as reported by KXNET, guy allegedly brings a knife to a gun article and stabs a family member with it.

Bismarck!  Minot had the lead on this.  What up?

Let's all remember- Allegedly, do no harm.

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