Under a new plan being put in place in Minnesota, you won't be required to purchase an electric vehicle (EV), BUT nearly 7% of all vehicles SOLD in Minnesota will need to be zero emission.  This all came about  after the creation of an powerful group called the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  The agency is under the direction of Minnesota Governor Tim Walz.  Like our guy, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Governor Walz has been under siege throughout the pandemic.  Very few people ordering lockdowns, shutdowns, and mandating mask wearing, can capture the hearts and minds of the entire population.  This electric vehicle issue isn't helping his cause one little bit.

Neither did a recent Administrative Judge's 64 page ruling that basically affirmed the legitimate power of the MPCA.  Opponents had argued that actions being undertaken should under the rule of State Legislators.  The judge disagreed and made them read 64 pages all about it.

Y'know who wasn't happy happy after reading all them pages?  The Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association who added this..

Moving forward with this divisive policy makes zero sense. The Biden Administration is working to create stronger federal emissions standards. The Walz Administration should wait instead of deciding to follow California into a complete ban on the sale of gas-powered vehicles. 

California is another one of those divisive words people like to use.

So as Minnesotans scramble to start building charging stations so you can actually get from point A to point B without ruining out of juice, North Dakota appears more than a little lackadaisical in our approach.

One of the top search sites to find charging stations near you is called PlugShare.  Just click the link to see where you can charge around Bismarck.  MAKE SURE TO SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.  There's a map of America with locations shown across the country.. It's hilarious how naked North Dakota looks on the map.

So I think we need a little work for the electric fleets to flourish in the state.  But, we'll get there.

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