Electric vehicles, are they the biggest transportation innovation since the 8-track player?

Find out this Thursday!

The North Dakota Department of Transportation is teaming up with Capital Electric Cooperative for a free, family-friendly parking lot party to introduce you to electric vehicles (EVs).  Plus there's free burgers and brats!

Electric Vehicles have risen from flying car fiction to next wave transportation reality. Sooner than we think, EVs will rule the roads and gas powered vehicles will take their  place in the stable right next to the horse and buggy.  Change is coming, and you can see it firsthand this Thursday from 4 pm to 7 pm on the grounds of the State Capitol.  Don't take my word for it, smart guys like Josh will be there to talk with you all about it.

“Over the next ten years, automakers are investing hundreds of billions of dollars in the research, development and marketing of electric vehicles. It’s a changing landscape, and it’s coming faster than you think,” says CEC Energy Services Manager Josh Schaffner."

Like all technological advancements, EVs have to wait for infrastructure to catch up with innovation.  I imagine the first question with with gas powered vehicles had to be- how far was it to the next gas station?  Same challenge holds true for electric vehicles.  Where do you get them charged?  Let's hear from Josh again..

“Capital Electric already has EV charging programs in place, and the co-op is working with NDDOT to establish a local and statewide charging network. Our team is working hard to stay up-to-speed on the latest and greatest in the EV industry. And, we’re here to share that information with our members.”

More importantly, there will be current EV owners present to share their experience. Most importantly, there will be free burgers and brats served up by the good folks from Border States.  EVs will be on hand and the press release does say "Car enthusiasts are invited to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle..."  I'd surely take them up on that.  I understand the acceleration of an EV will impress even the most skeptical of the conventional car crowd.  So bring the family and an open mind, plug into a future that's forming right in front of us.

Plus free burgers and brats.

Thursday June 17th, 4 pm-7 pm on the capitol grounds just west of the NDDOT.

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