Well that certainly doesn't sound very nice, does it?

But it's FOOTBALL we are talking about, ok? There is nothing polite or nice about it. It's not like golf where everyone within the vicinity of 5 miles holds their breath when a golfer with a goofy hat and baggy pants tries and makes a putt. This is the National Football League where it's a fact, that in the past frenzied gridiron fans have thrown snowballs at Santa Claus - check it out yourself. in 1968 with the charming Philadelphia Eagles crowd.


Ok, I realize that was a LONG time ago, surely the manners of heated fans have settled down since then

Here is the thing, if you were to come up and ask most people WHO they thought the ANGRIEST FANS in the NFL were, the majority would answer back Philadelphia OR New York, Pittsburgh maybe, but SI just surprised us a little bit recently.

So what do they base their opinions on - snowballs?

Those white ( yellow ) round balls of fluffy ammo were not mentioned - According to si.com " Gambling.com, which has scoured social media to determine which is the angriest fanbase since the start of free agency, and found the Vikings to be No. 1....Not shocking is the result showing that most anger is unleashed on Twitter, which is social media hell compared to Reddit and Facebook"  So I'm not sure if I agree with their selection whatsoever. Who cares how they broke it down, THEY  obviously have never been to a New York Giant Home game.

Take a look at how the rest of teams fans behaved


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