So this sport America loves is about ready to reach the end, finally...

...and I say that not out of hate or spite, for me it's just hard to root for either team in the Super Bowl now that the Minnesota Vikings are out. Yes, the tradition of Super Bowl Sunday is finally upon us this weekend - whatever happened to the old days when the big game was played in early January? I thought about this for a few minutes, what team will most of North Dakota root for? Here are the two teams playing in front of like the whole world -representing the National Football Conference - The Philadelphia Eagles - Taking the field for the American League is the Kansas City Chiefs. Seeing that the Minnesota Vikings are in the NFC, wouldn't you think then that North Dakotans would be cheering for the Eagles to win it all?

How convenient, there is a map of the United States and we can check out which state is rooting for the Eagles or the Chiefs

Some may think there is no rhyme or reason to what team some people may be hoping to win, according to there is a map that shows which team each state is rooting for - "...the team at sought to determine which franchise — the perennial AFC champs or the revamped Eagles — had the most support across the United States...They analyzed geotagged Twitter data from more than 217,000 tweets sent out across the country..."  So take a look and see who ND and Minnesota will be cheering for!

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