This ain't gonna be grand-pappy's still...but still there's gonna be stills.

And the revenuers are teaming up with the moonshiners!  KFYR TV is reporting

Those interested in operating a domestic distillery can reach out to the Bismarck City Administration to start an application for a class U license and discuss any other requirements.

On Wednesday, Bismarck reworked City Ordinance 6446, regarding Domestic Distillery and Off Sale provision.  It's a brand new concept for Bismarck, but distilleries have previously popped up across the state.  There's Proof Artisan Distillers in Fargo, Maple River Distillery Casselton, and Red Pine Distillery Grand Forks.  Looking at the products available from those distilleries, I was kind of shocked at how the products really reflected the local landscape.  Like Red Pine Sugar Beet Vodka, obviously Grand Forks can trip across a sugar beet or two.  But as it turns out you have to source a certain percentage locally..

North Dakota Farm Products Utilization Requirement ● N.D.C.C. § 5-01-19(1) provides that a majority of North Dakota farm products be used as ingredients for distilled spirits produced by a domestic distillery. This means at least 51% of the ingredients, excluding water, must be grown and produced in North Dakota.


Speaking of sourcing locally...who wants to be the first to make a big boozy splash in Bismarck?

It's Bismarck Distillery's Chris Fries!   He's already applied for a Class U license, whatever the heck that is.

Chris has a plan- get barley from Belfield, honey from Richardton, and sugar from Fargo.

So distillery mania may be a lot like the craft beer/micro brew expansion has been...but currently, there's probably more demand for beer than for sugar beet vodka. One thing's for's not gonna be your grandma's choke cherry wine or grandpa's bathtub gin.

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