There were numerous reports of rolling black outs in and around Bismarck Mandan on Tuesday.  According to a press release from Capital Electric Cooperative, you can expect more of the same today in Bismarck Mandan.  "Additional outages are possible mainly this morning."

The reason for rolling black outs in North Dakota?  Not a term we're used to in North Dakota, especially during the winter.  "Rolling black outs" is a term we're used to seeing in the summer for places like California, and occasionally here in North Dakota if we experience a long heat wave.  Which again is pretty rare.

As the weather continues to be extreme throughout the midsection of the country, Capital Electric said there is a possibility for more rolling black outs.  This possibility, as we mentioned before, is due to actions taken by Capital Electric's power provider Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) through direction from Southwest Power Pool (SPP). SPP oversees the bulk electric grid and wholesale power market in the central United States on behalf of a diverse group of utilities and transmission companies in 17 states. Their orders to ensure reliability of the electric grid must be followed by market participants that deliver power to Capital Electric Cooperative. Outages should be of no longer duration than 45 minutes and do not need to be reported to us unless they exceed this amount of time.

So, no need to report your power outage unless it goes over 45 minutes.  Capital Electric Cooperative will continue to update you with information on their website and on their Facebook/Twitter pages.  They will continue to share information of rolling outages in our region.

Weather is expected to improve as the week goes on and this should resolve the need for rolling black outs.



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