What a week we just had, a blizzard that came in and hit us dead center, a comedian found himself stuck ( literally ), and clean-up has begun

Mother Nature decided to flex her muscles a little early, directing a storm that came in early Thursday morning and began to drop what eventually ended up almost a record amount of snow here In Bismarck - According to bringmethenews.com "The storm blew away the Nov. 10 record in Bismarck, with the National Weather Service office near the city's airport measuring 17 inches of snow. That smashed the record of 9.1 inches for the date and was just 0.3 inches shy of tying the 24-hour snowfall record in Bismarck. A stunning 17.3 inches fell on April 14, 2013"  Nasty was the appropriate word for the conditions that we were left with, so many people were snowed in, plows doing their best to hit the streets, I saw accidents everywhere, and motorists stuck ( I was one of them, having skidded off into a huge snow drift ) - One well-known comedian and his crew felt the wrath and found themselves stuck ( Bert Kreischer ) - his show was forced to reschedule. Mother Nature wasn't done yet...

Have you ever seen a sun pillar?

I have heard about this light show many times but never saw one for myself. Meteorologist Jacob Morse describes it this way " Sun pillars are seen only at sunrise or sunset when the sun is really low on the horizon and the ice crystals reflect some of the sunlight vertically creating an enhanced area of brightness above the sun"  - this is obviously one of these things you don't see every day, and it kind of reminds me of the green flash, which I did see once in San Diego, California. Friday afternoon around 5:00 check out what Melanie Matejcek Payne captured on her camera in Grand Forks.

Melanie Matejcek Payne
Melanie Matejcek Payne

Without a doubt, Melanie said it best "Nature's beauty is amazing around the ND/MN areas" ..... I second that, especially when Mother Nature is in a good mood.

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