Sitting here on a sunny Sunday afternoon, looking out the window and watching my neighbors walking their dogs...

...enjoying what could be the last day of calm, no wind, NO SNOW weather. Our forecast here in Bismarck is to keep our eyes peeled and hope the bad stuff misses us, and those who have lived in North Dakota long enough know darn well that it's best to be prepared for the worse. Minnesotans are facing a possible week-long run of snow and big-time headaches. Our last venture through a blizzard was just last month, we are keeping our fingers crossed this one won't hit us as hard - Minnesota looks to be straight in the center of Mother Nature's target.

All of this could start as early as tomorrow ( late Monday night, early Tuesday morning )

According to "Snow, rain, freezing rain, sleet, and maybe even lightning and thunder. It's going to be a messy week in Minnesota as a potent winter storm arrives Tuesday and lingers through at least Thursday...The NWS says the freezing rain potential is highest in western Minnesota, beginning Monday night into Tuesday morning when temperatures are coolest"  I think to me and so many others, the awful part is just thinking about being held hostage inside our homes and apartment, snowed in AGAIN. There obviously is no way of predicting just how many inches of snow WE could be getting. Here in Bismarck, tomorrow the projection is low clouds with a bit of snow in the weather app says on Tuesday "Blizzard,m accumulating an additional 3-6 inches; rapidly worsening travel conditions..."  Our lives of living in Minnesota and North Dakota continue on.

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