Look I understand today is April 1st, but what I am going to tell you is NOT a joke!

I had to explain that because this all seems too good to be true. Imagine yourself basking in the glow of a sun-splashed LONG summer day, hanging out at one of the truly most pure scenic places in all of North Dakota, and you get paid for it! So listen up, if you were just sitting around the other day wondering what your summer plans look like, you can look no further.

Wait, I could get paid for swimming, fishing, and whatever else Brewer Lake could provide?

Yes, once again this is for real. According to bringmethenews.com "That's the offer from Cass County, North Dakota, which is looking for a camp host at Brewer Lake campgrounds this summer. Located in Erie, North Dakota (about 40 miles northwest of Fargo)..." Wait though, what's the catch? You are telling me that I would get a free RV hook-up? I can take advantage of some boating and living the lazy summer days and you'll pay me, American currency?

How much? What are you not telling me?

Well unbelievably you'll pull in $3,200 a month from May thru September, should you accept the job. So, there are just a few things you will be given to take care of while you are there - "A camp host has to live on-site, and is expected to welcome and register campers while also being available for questions or assistance. There are chores to be done, including mowing, trash collection, and other cleaning activities." bringmethenews.com added.

I don't clean bathrooms though

You will if you want this gig. Applications are due April 18 — you can apply online here.

Sounds like a dream job to me.

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