Its a new concept, here's how it works. 

A music therapist part of the Child Life Program, Plays music for kids with anxiety as well as sings lullabies to babies in the intensive care unit.

Here's a quote from a Dr. Twogood about the program courtesy of The Bismarck Tribune

"I've been doing pediatrics (at Sanford) for 21 years, and I've honestly seen such a transformation of our Children's Hospital since the incorporation of Child Life and music therapy," said pediatric Dr. Todd Twogood. "It's basically been one of the best things I've seen come to us in a long time."

The person administering the therapy goes by the name of Vandal. She's a Bismarck native and graduated from the Berklee college of music in Boston majoring in music therapy.

She returned 3 years ago to Bismarck and started working with the Sanford Administration developing the ins and outs of the program that has been successful from the get-go.

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