Hopefully this story makes you as angry as I am.

In my younger days, me and my roomie at the time Gerald, were having an apartment after-bar party where all sorts of random folks were coming in and out.  At one point an actual friend came walking in with Gerald's Samoyed puppy.and told us they met a couple of young ladies walking out of the house with him.


Goodness Gracious Good God Almighty...what were they thinking?

Stealing one dog can be attributed to making a bad decision while under the influence. Forgivable? No. But not premeditated.

I had a black and white Husky by the name of Vance. Although an excellent escape artist, he once disappeared from my yard in a very suspicious way.  So, after a few days, I put an ad in the newspaper classifieds (kids ask your parents what that means). The ad, much like this article, was pretty straight forward.  "If you've seen a blue eyed, black and white Siberian Husky appear in your neighborhood. $75 for information leading to recovery".  He was found the next day wandering around without his collar.  So catch and release from some nervous thief.

Let's do the same for these audacious dog nappers. Sorry it took so long, but please click here to see the full story of multiple Spaniel stealing from the Ten Bar Ranch near Napoleon, ND. We'll wait for you to come back. Seriously someone stole two of their dogs...

Stolen on April 1 and April 2
Two male French Brittanys were stolen in a targeted attack from Windy Acres Kennel in Napoleon, ND. Please be on the lookout for these dogs.
Ten Bar Ranch Facebook
Ten Bar Ranch Facebook
Ten Bar Ranch Facebook
And then they came back again the night of April 11th!
 Another attempt was made to steal additional dogs. It happened after midnight in windy, rainy very dark conditions and the cameras were not able to get images. The back window of the thief's car was shot out with a shotgun but he/they managed to avoid being followed or identified.

Not saying who shot the windshield, but it seems like a detailed description.

Regardless these dog rustlers need to go down!  There's a reward offered and hell, I'll even throw out another $75 to you if you got info leading to the return of these dogs.


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