Today is National Dog Day! (Monday, August 26th)  I've have two beautiful Lab's that I wanted to share with you!  Callie is my youngest.  She's five years old and acts like a puppy everyday!  She's very mischievous and usually into something shouldn't be.  However, she is very lovable and loves to snuggle with me every night before we go to bed!  She's also a very, very good bird dog!  She has a great nose and is a fantastic pheasant dog!  She's also a good duck dog as well!


Bridget is my other lab.  She just turned 13.  She sadly lost her vision at the age of only 5 and was a good hunting dog before she went blind.  She gets along pretty well for being blind.  She manages pretty well in the house and loves to go for walks and to the lake and swim.  Last Thanksgiving I took her hunting for the first time since she went blind.  It was fun to watch her use her nose again and do what she loved!

So give your pup a hug or long walk today!



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