If you claim you're following protocol, you best be telling the truth.

There was a Canadian couple that are alleged to be less than truthful with their medical history and it's gonna cost them $16,000 each!  (that's over 20,000 Canadian).  Man, that's one serious fine.  Scripps Media breaks down the rules...

Travel into Canada has been highly restricted to only "essential travel" since the start of the pandemic.

All travelers into the country must comply with several COVID-19 restrictions, though those who are vaccinated can waive some of those restrictions. Those travelers must be fully vaccinated (two weeks removed from their final dose), get a COVID-19 test prior to entry and get a COVID-19 test upon arrival.

The Canadian border is opening up Monday.  Read a story about the battle between President Biden and Governor Burgum regarding the US keeping our side of the border closed a little while longer.

Canada is opening the border, your records best be in order.

So, this Canadian couple just arrived home in the airport when the Public Health Agency of Canada reports they were found to have presented "fake vaccination records" to border officials.  So it cost about $32,000- a lot more than getting kicked out of a bar with a fake ID.

COVID precautions are starting to ramp up pretty quickly.  Might be time to figure out where you last saw your face mask.  We might be putting them on again soon.

Let me ask ya this...

You're walking up to one of your favorite businesses, it now has a sign that says "Masks aren't required for vaccinated people, but please wear a mask if you haven't been vaccinate".  Let's say you've not been vaccinated, do you run back to your car and rummage around looking for that darn mask or do you just stroll in?

I bet ya just strolled in...

I know it's not the same as falsifying official documents...but be careful messing with the PHA of Canada. At least for North Dakotans the border will be opening up this Monday.

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