"Preposterous!" Canada to open their border on August 9th...Joe hits the brakes on opening U.S. border. Doug hits back.

North Dakotan's two favorite politicians have entered the ring!  In this corner- a sitting president who earned a mere 31.7% of the North Dakota popular vote in 2020!  In the other corner- a republican in name only that knows a thing or two about how closures affect business.

It's Biden versus Burgum in a battle over the border!  Doug says open the border to Canada so the canucks can come spend them loonies in North Dakota. Joe says maybe later.  The real winners in this great debate?

The winners are Americans on the border that are 18, 19, and 20 years old!

Yup, starting Monday August 9th, Canada will begin letting fully vaccinated U.S. citizens cross the border into Canada.  Now, why y'all want to go to Canada is on you.  Maybe you have family up there you haven't seen in over a year? Most likely, Americans rushing across the border will be teenagers heading to the land of drinking opportunity! The drinking age in Manitoba is just 18 and 19 in Saskatchewan. Of course, after crossing the border, how do you get back in if the U.S. border is still closed? I guess, they'll have to open another Molson and apply for Canadian citizenship.

The losers are Americans that are losing millions of dollars not selling stuff to our northern neighbors.

That's the part that's really steaming Doug...this from an official statement from the Governors office!

“After months of harmful and unnecessary delays, these border restrictions have now crossed the line from precautionary to preposterous,” Burgum said. “Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination rate has surpassed our own, yet the Biden administration continues to stand in the way of a long-overdue reopening of the border with our closest ally and trading partner"


That's what the man said.

Then for some reason, Doug makes a reference to the U.S. southern border..

"It’s our hope the current administration pays as much attention to the actual security of the southern border as it does to the unnecessary restrictions at the northern border.”

He keeps up that rhetoric and the governor may actually lose his RINO status!

So when we ever going to open the border?

Well, it seems the U.S. government is looking to extend the border closure until at least August 21st.

Seemed like a good time to hit up this You Tube video of a politician a lot of North Dakotans seem to be fond of...this from 1987.  It's just a little over a minute long.

You listening Joe?  Let our Canadian comrades in!

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