They say one man's junk is another man's 75 ton goose sculpture.  Welcome to the Enchanted Highway.  Located east of Dickinson ND, The Enchanted Highway is the ongoing dream of Gary Greff. Over 30 years in the making it contains seven massive scrap metal structures including "Geese in Flight" which was awarded the Guinness World Record for largest scrap metal structure.

But there's more than just Geese in Flight, this 32 mile stretch of road boast huge iron grasshoppers, deer, pheasant and even a massive tin family.  . Kids will be amazed and sure to take lots of pictures to fire off to their friends.

This two lane road also takes you into Regent and the Enchanted Castle!  The castle is a renovated school now serving as a hotel, steakhouse, tavern, and community center. It is also an impressive piece of work. Take a peek at pictures here.  I'm not certain if the facility is currently open for visitors but you can bet the highway is!

Take the Gladstone exit of I-94 and enjoy a mind blowing trip on the Enchanted Highway.

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