Seems I'm starting February as the cub reporter on the vehicle beat.  From the last few days, click in case you missed them...

ND city has huge uptick in stolen cars.

Legislature suggests changing highway speed limits.

Back on the vehicle beat, Democratic Representative Corey Mock from Grand Forks has introduced a bill  to standardize (up) your fines for speeding. (Democrat what?)

and by gumption he's spot on...

“Traffic fines are all over the board,” Mock said. The bill makes “speeding fines more consistent, understandable, and in line with the intent of our traffic laws.

 I don't even think about fines when I'm thinking about speeding...I'm thinking about the time I'm going to lose just because I wanted to get somewhere sooner.  I got busted 20 years ago in Minnesota for 15 over the speed limit and I'm sure it was at least $125!  Don't care about points, I'll get them back , but even 20 years ago Minnesota was expensive.  Came out of the Cities into Wisconsin probably 12 years ago, and people at the diner said- don't get caught speeding it's like a $250 fine! That's what they said, and I believed them.  But it's hard when you've been driving 90 MPH through Minneapolis.

I get it...I like driving fast.  But I'm not going to put up with the aggravation and the expense of getting pulled over in Corey Mock's twisted civilization where people are actually punished for disobeying the law.  What say you Corey Mock?

The proposed legislation would assess $5 for each mph over the speed limit regardless of the speed zone. It does not incentivize speeding in slower zones because of lower fines,” 

You are so getting NAILED for at least $60 on River Road!  Or north of Kupper (Kramer) in Mandan.  Cha-ching!

So if the price of speeding goes still going to try and sneak through? Both you and the law have boat payments...who's gonna win?

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