I'm fortunate enough to have a remote start for my car that I have to hit the lock key before the start key, so my cars locked when started.  My girl Brenda, her car starts but dies unless you put the key in the ignition.

Since 2021 kicked off, fifteen cars have been stolen in Minot.

I don't suspect it's


it's more like...

Car keys left in a lock

and off you go.

There was just a horrifying story of a "couple" that stole a truck and somehow thought they could drive it across the wide open spaces of western North Dakota without being detected.  Oh, there you are! They unwittingly escaped from the truck for two days into subzero temperatures that darn near killed em.

So before everyone goes crazy about "they should get real jobs"- I would say they're not jacking ignitions and then taking vehicles to "chop shops" to sell for parts, I'd say most of these thieves are cold and desperate.

So what can you do?  Well, not leaving the keys in your running car while you "run" into the convenience store would be a start.  Leave it running and hit the lock button on your way out.  I'm not blaming the victim, I'm trying to initiate the uninitiated.  It can happen to you in a minute, so extra heat is not worth it.

Social media has made great strides into catching car thieves quickly.  Increased security cameras have made prosecution easier.  But cold and desperate will take any chance they can get. Keep that in mind.

Keep your hands on your cars y'all.

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