Residents in the Bismarck area continue to vent their frustrations with the I-94 construction and the North Dakota Department of Transportation is trying to ease the traffic as much as possible.

It's been widely accepted that the best way to ease traffic when there are lane closures is to use the zipper merge.

The concept is simple. Rather than having all the cars merge into the open lane as early as possible, all cars should use all lanes as long as possible and then cars take turns merging.

Many times when people see someone trying to merge right as they approach the cones, people feel that that driver is a… you know… let's say 'butt hole.' But that's the right way to do it.

As you can see in the video, a zipper merge if followed properly, keeps the flow of traffic moving better. Of course commenters on Facebook though have stated the realities of the real world.

"Wouldnt work here people are too self-centered and would not let any one in," one commenter remarked.

"What! You mean the road rage we get now from people trying to merge when the cones are right in front isn't proper," said another.

Another commenter pointed out in one Facebook group that "it will never work like this video, you have multiple people that are just passing through, people that don't have internet, and people that just don't care. If people were just respectful like it use to be we wouldn't have near the problems this world has today."

Everyone is having a great time.


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