If you have a question while home-schooling, do you have to raise your hand?

Tuesday August 4th, the North Dakota Home Schooling Association will be holding an informational meeting for those interested in home schooling for the 2020-201 school year. It will take place at 7 PM at Hillside Park.

Quite obviously this year, there are many mitigating factors peaking the interest of many a parent. Clearly, home schooling is not a perfect fit for every family. My daughter and I would hit DEFCON 2 in just a half hour of math homework. But there's a pretty good argument that home schooling will provide continuity to the learning process. We really don't know if there will starts and stops with public schools throughout the year. Will the staffing be consistent? The education quality will still be great in the classrooms, but will students be engaged or distracted?

Home schooling can obviously be isolating. But, according to the North Dakota Century Code, home school kids can participate in extracurricular activities put on by public schools

15.1-23-02. Statement of intent to supervise home education.
f. Any public school courses in which the child intends to participate and the school
district offering the courses; and
g. Any extracurricular activities in which the child intends to participate and the
school district or approved nonpublic school offering the activities.

It's your family, make your choices as you see fit. Just be aware of the options available.


(Note, after a COVID related closure, Hillside pool is now open for general swimming from noon-5 PM with regular hours resuming Saturday, August 8th,  Informational meeting  not planned for the pool area).

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