Have you ever been homeless? Lost everything? I can't even comprehend what a lonely miserable feeling that must be. The stories of those that are out on the streets come from many different situations - Some people may have just dropped out of life and are experiencing mental health issues. There are the unfortunate ones that have lost jobs and are literally without a home. So I came across this story from KXNET - There is a bill that would make it easier for children who are homeless to receive health care - it passes in North Dakota’s House of Representatives.

Senate Bill 2265 allows those 14 or older who are homeless to consent to health care without permission of a parent. Currently, documentation like a birth certificate or ID is needed, but this bill would allow the nonprofit or government entity helping the person vouch for his or her status. 

Here is the part that I am having difficulty understanding, I was talking to a co-worker, and I mentioned that to me, I find it unbelievable that a 14-year old would be homeless - so now I'm going to assume that they are in a foster home, or something like that. This bill now gives them the freedom to go at it alone and seek medical treatment without an adult. Here is what Rep. Gretchen Dobervich had to say “An unaccompanied minor would be able to access medical, dental and behavioral health examinations, care and treatment without the permission or consent of a parent or guardian who is not currently part of their living situation,”   

Helping the youth through a tough time is how I see it.


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