How many times have we heard someone say "it's gone viral", whether they were referring to a video they may have posted on their Facebook (maybe of their kids or a birthday party, something basic like that)? Some people may think that if at least 20 - 30 others watch it, then the tag "Viral" is warranted. What happened just recently at the Target store here in Bismarck has become HUGE on TikTok (which is like the Super Bowl for viral)

Target treats others like family

According to KXNET, last July 21st Emme Aipperspach came into the Target store with the intention of looking for some school items - just any other day - “I was just browsing the notebooks, as any good English teacher would, and I suddenly felt really hot, light-headed, heard the whishing in my ears and was like ‘Crap, I’m gonna go down,"

Immediately store employees came to her aid

KXNET added that from the second Emme showed signs of stress, Target employees picked up on it quickly and were there for her. Some Orange juice and calming conversation were offered, as she was being attended to - a quick phone call to her friend, and in minutes she was on her way to the hospital.

The 24-year old had experienced a stroke

The story goes on that Emme found out she had experienced a stroke. While watching the video that Target posted on their Facebook page, Emme talks about the day she was finally allowed to leave the hospital and her return to the store to retrieve her car. When she passed her name on to one of the employees, she was told that Target had something for her - the only thing that passed in her mind at that moment was that maybe there was some paperwork she had to sign - or something in that nature.

Way beyond normal customer service.

This video, which NOW truly has become viral, completely captures Emme's gratitude as she explains next that the Bismarck Target store put together a 'Care package' for her return - filled with items that somehow the employees knew she would love. A breathtaking moment that she will never forget. Check out the true honest emotions that play out - what an amazing thing that this whole store accomplished - by showing they genuinely care for their customers - treat each one like family - time for you to enjoy this video.


Final words

Every business in this city, state, the country should show this video to their staff.

Well Done!



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