Hi North Dakota!

Before you start reading about this latest survey from WalletHub- how about a cute picture of a puppy!


Awww...he's got a ball!  Now that you're in a good mood.  Here's some bad news.

WalletHub's latest survey has North Dakota at the bottom of the heap in regards to being one of the Most Innovative States.  According to their research, we're only overall ahead of Louisiana and Mississippi. To show that we're actually pretty resourceful, I'm going to rank North Dakota as being in the TOP THREE of the least innovative states!

So were did these lab-coated telemarketers dig up this information?

In order to recognize the nation’s biggest contributors, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 22 key indicators of innovation-friendliness. Our data set ranges from share of STEM professionals to R&D spending per capita to tech-company density. Read on for our findings, commentary from a panel of experts and a full description of our methodology.

OK, fine...so they're transparent enough to show us how they arrived a such outrageous conclusions.

Source: WalletHub

If it helps North Dakota, with an Innovation Index of 31.27, is WAY higher than next down the ladder Louisiana with just a 23.49.  Of course we're pretty far off the leading state, Massachusetts which boasts an Innovation Index of 78.58. Kind of being show-offs if you ask me.

Looks like we dropped in the bottom 5 of only some of the metrics...but it's fair to say, ND must have scored pretty low across the board.  So what kind of "metrics" we talking about?

Well there is Lowest Share of STEM Professionals and Lowest Projected STEM Job Demand by 2028.  I googled STEM for us- it's Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. (What will they come up with next?).

North Dakota is 51st in Lowest Share of Technology Companies. But, I believe we're moving in the right direction.  Y'know because there's no place but up.

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