Social media as you know is quite large and has the potential for a ton of bad doings - Especially in the world of the dark web, where who knows how much of your personal information is available. Do you remember last month when North Dakota lawmakers rejected on Monday, Feb. 15, a bill that would make mug shots confidential in most cases. Under the bill, officers could release mug shots of an arrestee if there's a "compelling public safety or law enforcement interest warranting release," such as the defendant becoming a fugitive or failing to appear in court. Officers could also share mug shots with other law enforcement agencies. The arguments against this are obvious - releasing the mug shots BEFORE their trial could give out false impressions to others that they are guilty.

In a related manner to the paragraph above, this is what happened yesterday - according to the Bismarck Tribune, North Dakota's Senate on Wednesday passed a bill to penalize people who collect booking photos, post them online and solicit money to take them down. This is a weapon to use against those that attempt to break the law and cause havoc on someone's life.

   House Bill 1294 would impose a civil penalty of at least $500 on people who collect mug shots online and solicit money from subjects to take the photos down -- so-called "mug shot extortion." The bill also would award "reasonable attorney's fees and court costs." 

This will hopefully stop a "slippery snake" from utilizing social media to their advantage.


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