This could have easily turned deadly for all involved

For those people that are not appreciative of what our men and women in law enforcement stand for, take a walk in their shoes for just a day. I know that what I just said may seem a bit righteous, but in my mind, it couldn't be more accurate. We are lucky to have individuals that place their lives on the line every time they put a uniform on, and also huge praise to emergency workers, hospital workers, and everyone that braves the weather to keep us safe.

One of the most dangerous situations that police come across on patrol happened early Sunday morning

Try and imagine this horrific sight.  There you are in your squad car, at a closed portion of a dangerous part of the highway ( due to the weather ), it's dark, and off in the distance, a car traveling at high speeds is headed right towards you. This took place at a road closure gate on I-94. According to "The Trooper noticed the vehicle approaching their car at a fast speed and was able to move the squad car enough to the right to avoid a head-on collision and was side-swiped instead. The drunk driver then drove through the road closure gates" A combination of bad weather, not great visibility, and a drunk driving a 4,000 + pound out-of-control barreling right at you - talk about your worst nightmare.

A safe and happy ending

There is good news to this story, the patrol officer was uninjured and the driver was arrested. I just want to say this, the late nights and early morning hours on the roads are so unpredictable, not for the weather, but for all the impaired drivers who think they can get behind a vehicle and make it home. Compound that by adding horrendous weather. Please just consider all of that next time you make negative comments about our law enforcement.


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