I'm guessing if the weather was in the high 90s, the title of this story would inspire you to find out more information

Hey, even if we were going through the winter chill, I would still welcome a chance to have fun in a place that will be one day deemed as North Dakota's largest indoor water park. The cool and exciting thing about social media is that all it takes is just a "whiff of something in the works" to get us all interested. For example, someone writes a post about a projected new business or maybe even a photograph of a fenced-in area with the keywords on the sign "COMING SOON" on their Facebook page, and the next thing you know you'll start counting all the people that start sharing it, like wildfire it spreads.

A friend of mine just sent me this that he saw through his FB friend's post

Here is what was posted earlier today: "North Dakota’s largest indoor water park coming to Fargo!!! 😱 The WAVE 🌊 by Epic. Will be located by the Anderson Park on 45th st south next to Sonic" Carolina Mace. I googled this under the heading North Dakota Largest Indoor Water Park  -  I saw a company name attached to some information on the size the park could be. There was a number listed and I called and wound up talking for about 3 minutes with a gentleman that said their goal is to have this park open in 2024.

Quick question - "Would you drive out to Fargo to check out this park?"

My answer - "In a heartbeat!"


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