In Saturday night's NDSU basketball win over Denver, guard Khy Kabellis accidentally scored in his own hoop.

'Own baskets' are not very common in basketball though they do occur on rare occasions. Usually it happens because a player gets turned around, becomes confused and ends up just shooting the ball into the wrong hoop.

This was not the case with Kabellis. A Denver player took a three point shot and missed. Kabellis went for the rebound and ended up tipping the ball off the backboard. The ball then careened towards the sideline. Kabellis, being the last player to touch it, tried to save the ball from going out of bounds. In doing so, Kabellis without looking, pushes the ball back into the court. The only problem was, he pushed the ball right into the hoop.

Take a look at the crazy play below:

Kabellis admitted it wasn't his proudest moment.

If Kabellis was playing 'Horse' though, his opponent definitely would have gotten a letter. It's an impressive shot that's tough to duplicate. 

Fortunately, NDSU still came away with the victory despite the hiccup.

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