It's called "any given Sunday" in the NFL and it means simply- never expect the win, because some Sundays that odd shaped football just doesn't bounce your way.  You lose to a team that on paper shouldn't have stood a chance.

In college football that's more than likely gonna be an "any given Saturday".  That Saturday was February 27th.  The Southern Illinois Salukis were 16.5 point underdogs and hadn't beat the NDSU Bison in their last 8 outings going back to a Saluki victory in 2009.

The question must be asked...what in the hell is a Saluki?

2018 Crufts Dog Show Day Two
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It's that kind of dog.  THAT is Saluki,

American Bison standing in Kansas prairie grassland, Maxwell Wildlife Preserve


Annual Westminster Dog Show Takes Place In New York City
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The NDSU Bison got their 39 game winning streak snapped by the Salukis by a score of 38-14 in a game that was only that close because of a very cool Bison Hail Mary play to end the first half.  I'm sure the green and gold were waiting for the thundering herd to come galloping out in the 2nd half and show them pups who's boss!

Not so much.  The Bison team and their fandom were dealt a loss that's gonna stick in their craw for a while. Losing to a team that the UND Fighting Hawks had just beaten the week before!  UND!!  The Bison have been poo-pooing UND for years and Saturday February 27th, and all the while the Salukis were handing the Bison their lunch...

Bailey the Buffalo Spends Time in the House
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The University of North Dakota Fighting Hawks (#15) put a STOMP on the SDSU Jackrabbits (#3).  Final score 28-17 in Grand Forks.  It may be "any given Saturday", but let's give that particular Saturday to UND. Might have to haul out the Nickel Trophy from the Heritage Center.

NDSU has the memories though and should be happy for former quarterback Trey Lance who skipped the spring season to enter the NFL draft.  Network draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. has Trey Lance perhaps going to the Patriots.  Could he bring the dynasty back to New England?  Can the Bison keep it in Fargo? Can the Salukis find a different mascot?

All reasonable questions.

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