WAKE UP BISON FANS!  Get ready to do some thundering!

Saturday October 3rd, the North Dakota State University Bison take on their long hated rivals the Central Arkansas Bears!!  It is the "Bears" right? Truth is, it's the first time these two teams have ever met- but it's the only Bison fall football game so it's a pretty darn big deal.  And, the Thundering Herd is a pretty darn big fan base.  But, spectator seating is limited to just 10,000 at the game and there's no tailgating allowed at the Fargodome. You can read up on game regulations and restrictions by clicking here.

So what to do with you all?

It's the Red River Valley Fair to the rescue! They're holding a tail-gate party for the Bison game Saturday October 3rd. Make note that just because it's a fair, doesn't guarantee racing pigs.

Alameda County Fair Features Attractions, Animals, And Fried Food
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But, one guarantee I can make- a thundering herd of thousands of Bison fans!!  The game isn't until October 3rd, but starting this Tuesday September 8th at 9 AM you can reserve your tailgating parking spot- but it's first come- first served.

With the entire state scrambling for those reserved parking spots, the fairground's gonna be packed!  How are we even gonna get in if we have a spot reserved?  Glad you asked, cuz it's my favorite part.  You can squat on your spot the day before!  The game is on Oct 3, but starting at 5 PM on the day before, you could claim your reserved spot.  Here's the catch- you must remain with your vehicle at all times. So you'll be spending the night on the fairgrounds.  Or just get up early Saturday morning and grab a hearty breakfast.

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Gates open at 7 AM and I'm envisioning one of those "Field of Dreams" car lines leading to the fairgrounds.  That's why breakfast is so important.

For all the prices, specs, and overall info just click here

Go Bison!

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