The cover of Jim Puppe's debut book "Dakota Attitude" has a subtitle "Interviews from Every Town in North Dakota".  Which got me thinking about something I read a few months back...this from Wikipedia-

North Dakota is a state located in the Midwestern United States. All incorporated communities in North Dakota are considered cities, regardless of population; there are no towns, villages, or hamlets in the state.[1]

It does sound crazy to say that North Dakota has over 400 "cities", But Bill Puppe has written a book with interviews from residents of every one of them.  Perfect timing for a world that is becoming less and less interested in wanting to know the opinions of their neighbors.

Jim told me in a studio interview that his inspiration came from his time working with prisoners of war when he was with the Veteran's Administration.  So, 14 years and over 113,000 miles later, Dakota Attitude is available for us all to enjoy hearing the stories of such a wide range of individuals from all across our state. From our veterans of wars to a mother who's quite the veteran of childbirth.  She had 21 kids in 21 years!!  Jim has a great website called Dakota Attitude where you can read excerpts from many of his interviews.  More importantly it shows you how easy is is to buy a copy of the book for yourself or people you know.

Would grandpa or grandma like to give it a read?  I bet they would.  We probably all could learn to appreciate the stories of a more simpler and much more civil time.

Although I'm not sure how civil it was for a mom of 21.  I'll have to grab a copy myself and find out. this link to see more.

Want to hear how Jim often slept in his van to get these stories?  Here's me and Jim talking all about it.  Well worth a listen, Jim is a gem.


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