This flight borders on time travel.

United Airlines has announced it will offer service between Los Angeles and Singapore, which, at 8,700 miles, will be the longest route to or from the U.S.

Flight heading from L.A. will last 17 hours and 55 minutes and will land two days later in Singapore, turning passengers into modern-day Marty McFlys (literally putting the "fly" in "McFly" in the process, too). So, yeah, you may want to pack a good book in your carry-on and pray the guy behind you stops kicking your seat sometime before hour six while you become one with the friendly skies (assuming, of course, United doesn't boot you from the flight).

Going from Singapore will be a little less tedious -- flights will only last 15 hours and 15 minutes, thanks to tail winds.

Service is expected to begin in late October.

In case you're curious -- and you know you are -- the longest U.S.-related flight is presently a Qantas trip from Dallas to Sydney, Australia (8,578 miles). The longest worldwide flight? Qatar Airlines flies the 9,032 miles from Doha to Auckland, New Zealand.

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