According to a recent survey, it doesn't pay to be a waiter or waitress in North Dakota. asked more than 2,300 Americans about their tipping habits and found that North Dakota was one of the least generous states for tipping, behind only West Virginia and Arkansas.

The survey found that New Yorkers are the most generous tippers in the US, leaving an additional 23% to their bill for waitstaff. The survey also revealed that the majority of people surveyed (56%) would rather pay more for their food than leave an additional tip, while 63% feel pressured to leave a tip, even when the service is subpar.

Most Generous States for Tipping:

1. New York
2. New Jersey
3. California
4. Nevada
5. Texas

Least Generous States for Tipping:

1. Arkansas
2. West Virginia
3. North Dakota
4. Georgia
5. Alabama

What are your tipping habits? Is North Dakota being misrepresented?

[Source: WOGX]

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