The worst part of any meal is the end when the bill comes. And yet you always have to then pay even more than what's on the bill.

The wonderful art of tipping. Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to tipping. People disagree on the amount you should tip and in what situations you should tip more or tip less.

The company Square (which owns those little square card readers that are attached to tablets and smartphones for payment) looked at the tip amounts in each state to determine which states are the most and least generous.

In addition to looking at the tip percentage, Square also looked at the median household income (from Census data in 2015) in each state to determine each state's generosity. Certainly, in some places it may be easier to afford a higher percentage tip.

When looking over data of thousands upon thousands of transactions, Square determined that North Dakotans, on average, leave a tip of 16.8%. The median household income in North Dakota is $60,656.

TIME Magazine kindly organized the data into a list and determined that North Dakota is the 16th most generous tipping state.

Residents of Idaho tip the most (17.4%) while Hawaiians are the least generous (14.8%).

This information rivals data from 2013 when a small sample size of individuals were surveyed in each state and determined that North Dakota is the third worst tipping state. But given the data was based on a survey and not actual transactions, it's fair to say that the 2017 results are probably more accurate.

I guess all the decent tips from North Dakotans are taking away from our wedding gift budgets.

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