By now we all know that vegetables are a key part to a healthy diet, but which ones are the most popular in America? Green Giant —a company famous for both its mascot and for selling canned and frozen vegetables — has set out to answer that with its annual survey that seeks to find out the favorite veggie in each state.

For the second year in a row, broccoli is the overwhelming winner with people 38 different states and Washington D.C selecting it as their favorite. However, of the 12 states that did not pick broccoli, North Dakota was one them.

So what is North Dakota's favorite vegetable?

Courtesy Green Giant
Courtesy Green Giant

Turns out it's carrots. Only Nevada joined us in picking carrots as a favorite veggie. I think carrots are a strong choice. While I might have leaned towards broccoli like a lot of the country did, carrots would likely have been my second choice. They are just so versatile. You can chop them up for soup, you can dip them in hummus, you can grate them for salads (I've even had sandwiches that do this), or you can just chomp on them plain. Hell, you can even turn them into a cake! That has to count for something, right?

Other non-broccoli results included: cauliflower (Montana), asparagus (Alaska), potatoes (Arkansas) and corn, the national runner-up, with seven states (Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Nebraska, South Carolina,West Virginia, and Wisconsin) picking it.

To come up with the results of the survey, 5,000 American consumers between the ages of 13 to 73 agreed to take a survey naming their favorite vegetable.  The survey recruited  answers through a Suzy® poll, and was conducted from April 26 - May 10, 2019.

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