My girls and I were planning a road trip to The Cities this summer, but then the pandemic happened. So, we thought our planned fun time of shopping, exploring, and partying would be postponed for another year, post COVID-19. But maybe going to The Cities at a time like this wouldn't be a bad idea. Especially because Nickelodeon Universe is reopening this month!

According to Valley News Live (Fargo), The Mall of America is gearing up to reopen their roller coaster theme park, Nickelodeon Universe. The news report says that the park will be open for family fun on Monday, August 10. Believe it or not, the park has been closed for about FIVE MONTHS! So, this is pretty exciting news.

Of course, since the reopening is happening mid-pandemic, things will be a bit different than we're used to. Valley News Live says, "To meet state guidelines, Nickelodeon Universe will operate with a reduced capacity of 250 visitors at any time." Also, park passes will only be good for two hours. Get the full story from Valley News Live here.

Now, it might seem a little annoying to follow all these guidelines when you just want to have a fun and wild time. But this could be a good thing. I'm not sure exactly sure how many people the park can hold at one time, but if there's a smaller crowd, that means you should be able to ride all of your favorite roller coasters without waiting in an annoyingly long line.

So, maybe my road trip plans will be back on this summer. I may be an adult, but I love to go to the Mall of America and hit up the rides. A time like this would be a perfect time for roller coaster fun!


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