If you're renting in North Dakota, then you're doing it right in the right part of the country.

North Dakota has the lowest percentage of rent as part of its household income than anywhere else in the country at 24.7%. This means the state has the best ratio of rent to household income since you should be wanting your rent to be lower.

Following North Dakota are Wyoming (25.2%), South Dakota (25.7%), Nebraska (26.9%), and Kansas (27.0%) to round out the top five best percentages of rent as part of overall household income.

The highest rent percentages as part of overall household income in the country are in Florida (33.6%), Hawaii (33.5%), California (33.0%), Louisiana (32.3%), and New Jersey and New York (31.9%).

So next time you pay your rent, just know it could be worse if you weren't in North Dakota.

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