When a teenage offensive lineman would be the perfect fit.

Here's a great idea that all North Dakota schools should consider making available sometime over the year.  It's a chance for students to learn about giving back and for communities to bond with the next great generation. The "Rent an Athlete" service project is an opportunity for players to raise money for their programs while completing projects throughout the community.

Saturday, October 21st the Fargo South Bruins did just that

It started out as a fundraiser for the Bruins high school football team, but the concept could easily cross all sports and all schools. The idea is that for a free-will donation, you can set up an appointment for students to come to you and help out with projects that need doing.

Their Facebook page provided some suggested tasks

You could have rented an athlete for grass mowing and raking, painting projects, dog walking, garden cleaning, car washing, window washing, and whatever job you think athletic teens could tackle. Bruins's Acting Head Football Coach added this..

“So our parents got together and created this rent-an-athlete program, it’s a chance for us to help those in need who may need some yard work or car washed, or their garage cleaned out, and it’s a great service project for us to be able to give back to the community,” 

Their rent-an-athlete day was this past Saturday from 10 AM-4 PM. But the school year is still young.  Maybe all coaches, boosters, and athletes could consider implementing a rental program of their own in 2022-23. Putting up Christmas lights, helping with spring cleaning, cleaning gutters, or raking spring leaves?

There is one more project that would be popular with people...

Teen cleans the snow shovel . Snow cleaning in the yard
Aliaksandr Bahdanovich

They're young.  They'll shake it off.

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