North Dakota has many opportunities for everyone and has the quality of life we all enjoy. It used to be our secret, but now it's now public knowledge and the rest of the country is catching on to our secret.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

24/7 Wall St. recently published the top 33 places young professionals and families are migrating to and one North Dakota county made the list.

Not included in the survey were areas that house college students, due to the fact that population in these areas surge during the school year. Close to 11% of the migration to these 33 counties are young people, ages 18-34,  who moved there in the last year, versus the average across all counties of 2.9%.

The county that made the list from North Dakota was Williams County, where 6.1% of the population are new residents, with an unemployment rate of 4.4%. To break it down, between 2010-2015, the 18-34 demographic increased by 84.2%.

Williams County is home to the town of Williston.

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