It's a very odd title to drop on any town, but apparently, someone did some research and found a town in North Dakota that they are calling, 'The Worst Place to Live If You Like Craft Beer.'

There are currently over 4,000 breweries in America and craft beer drinkers love their breweries. However, there are many places throughout the country where no breweries are around for miles. This is what led our source, Cool Material, to ponder the question, "If you love craft beer, where would you least likely want to live?"

First, they decided to determine which states are the worst for craft beer based on which states have the least amount of breweries and the least amount of breweries that to distribute to those states. They were able to quickly narrow it down to three states: West Virginia, Mississippi, and North Dakota.

There are 18 breweries in West Virginia, 14 in Mississippi, and 12 in North Dakota. In terms of distribution, North Dakota also receives beer from the lowest amount of breweries among those three states. Therefore, North Dakota wins (loses) that title.

From there, Cool Material decided to do a simple Google Maps search to find out where the breweries, bars, and liquor stores aren't. The obvious cities where craft beer is most available, such as Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, and Minot, were quickly eliminated. So where is the furthest town (minimum population of 5,000) from these cities and other spots that may have craft beer options? Devils Lake, ND is apparently 'The Worst Town in American to Live In if You Love Craft Beer.'

Devils Lake is 180 miles from Bismarck, 165 from Fargo, 120 from Minot, and 90 miles from Grand Forks. Not exactly the most accessible for good beer. Be thankful for the good beer we have in our vicinity, Bis-Man, because hey, at least we're not in Devils Lake.


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