KX News lays out the basics of an early Tuesday, December 14th BLAST that came across our phones...

The North Dakota Highway Patrol and the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation have issued a Silver Alert for a missing Tioga man.

The Tioga Police Department requested the alert for 64-year-old Alan Walter Biwer, who was last seen at his residence in Tioga on December 13th at 7 a.m.

You probably it heard too...me and Brenda and the dogs definitely did. I'm lunging for my phone to see what's up. Scrambling for by blaring phone with need-to-get up at 4 AM eyes, I see it's a silver alert...oh no.

It's a silver notice based out of Tioga- 190 miles north of Bismarck/Mandan.

That's three hours away from the Capital City, so in my head, I wish them all well and go back to sleep...that is, once my brain slows down from the extreme sound of the alert.  Yet, I'm wondering in bed...why am I hearing about a lost "senior" so far away? I put that in "quotes" cuz he ain't a heck of a lot older than me.

There's only one place for all the information and that is...NDRESPONSE.GOV

Initiated by the passage of House Bill 1359, Silver Alert legislation was signed by Governor Doug Burgum on May 3, 2017. The Silver Alert system’s purpose is to locate an individual identified as a disabled adult, or vulnerable elderly adult, or a minor who has a developmental disability and has been reported to law enforcement authorities as missing.



Based upon the national success of AMBER and Blue Alert plans, and using the same notification systems, Silver Alerts provide a quick response system designed to receive, analyze and coordinate dissemination of identifying information to the public about a vulnerable individual that is missing.


The broadcasts will solicit public action to locate the individual, enabling safe and swift recovery of the individual by law enforcement officers. A strong plan provides protection to our vulnerable or disabled community by serving as a public safety plan of action.

"Safe and swift recovery" that's what we'd all want for our loved ones.  Especially those still rascally silver individuals that like slipping out for a little fun.

Myself included.

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