Raising children can be very costly and one of the first costs comes in the form of a hospital bill.

Fortunately for those in North Dakota, the state has the lowest cost out of any other state to have a traditional delivery of a baby. North Dakota is the second cheapest state to have a C-Section behind Maryland.

The numbers come from a new report from Wallet Hub detailing the 'Best and Worst States to Have a Baby in 2016.'

According to Wallet Hub, the average cost of a conventional delivery is about $10,000 and can cost an extra $5,238 to have a C-Section.

When other factors are contributed into the study including each state's health care rank along with the cost to have a baby, North Dakota ranks as the ninth best state to have a baby in 2016.

Source: WalletHub

The best state overall to have a baby was Vermont and the worst state was Mississippi. Most northern states ranked higher than southern states in terms of the best states to have a baby.

Check out the full break down at Wallet Hub.

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