It's not just Tax Day, it's the already extended Tax Day!

We all pretty much know April 15th as tax day.  In the past, I remember TV reporters canvassing post offices across the country, showing the long lines of taxpayers clamoring to get their tax returns postmarked before midnight.  Post offices stayed open late to cover the crowds!  It was kinda fun to watch, but not so much fun to be involved in I'm sure.  Well today is tax day 2021, and I reckon things are relatively quiet at the post office- thanks to so many folks filing online.  No doubt, modems will be burning the midnight oil.

I know mine will.

That's right, my mom was a career tax preparer, and my girl Brenda's mom is a career tax preparer, yet still here I sit on Tax Day still unfiled. It's not just any Tax Day, it's already been extended from April 15th to give individuals more time to put together some of the changes brought up by COVID relief packages.  So it was bumped to May 15th, which was a Saturday, so Tax Day moved to Monday 5/17. But even with all those extra days, I'll still be filing tonight.  Not to worry, my taxes are ridiculously simple and the whole process will take a half an hour.   I'm sure I owe a little bit, so I'm in no hurry to hand over the cash.

But, some folks still need a little more time, that's where filing for an extension comes in. That's pretty simple too...

If you’re an individual, you can request an extension online by filling out Form 4868 using the IRS’s "Free File" tool. You need to submit the form by May 17, or print the form and mail it to the IRS address for your state, making sure it's postmarked by May 17. Once you file the extension, you have until Oct. 15, 2021, to file your taxes.

Happy filing everybody!

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