I love stories like this. It is no secret I am an animal lover and I have mentioned several times I am from South Louisiana. I have survived the damage and hardship of several hurricanes.

The most recent hurricanes for me where Katrina and Rita. When Katrina hit Southeast Louisiana, I was living in Southwest Louisiana. There were so much devastation and destruction for this hurricane. I heard of animals being abandon and I took it upon myself to travel to New Orleans and rescue dogs.

We've learned so much since Hurricane Katrina. For the evacuation of Katrina, people were not allowed to take their pets into shelters. Because of this today, most times when an evacuation is called, arrangements are made for people's pets. Some people died because they would not evacuate without their pets. A lesson learned!

I took dogs in, fed them, housed them and cared for them. I was only able to really take 6 dogs, but, I took them and traveled back home to Lake Charles, LA. I was able to find 3  original owners and returned those dogs and the other 3 I found loving homes for.

With the massive flooding happening in the Carolina's due to Hurricane Florence, a North Dakota man is traveling to rescue pets according to KFYR-TV. Keith Benning from Turtle Mountian Animal Rescue loaded up and traveled to the East Coast this past weekend to rescue animals.

This is not Benning's first rescue mission. He performed the same effort for Hurricane Havey, and Hurricane Irma.

Good Job Keith! Some of these animals are left behind when the owners evacuate or they just get displaced in the last minute mad dash to leave town. Some animals just get lost and have no shelter or place to go.

This is great work Keith is doing!





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