Tuesday is the first day of winter.  So far we have been getting by pretty good, not much snow, cold days followed by a warm-up.  But we know it won't last,  We are bound to get a real storm or many this winter.

Walk into the stores and on a pallet by the door is ice melt.  Always handy to have some for the driveway and sidewalks.  But do you have a winter survival kit in your car?

You can find and purchase ready-made survival kits, or you can put your own together.

The first thing I make sure I have is blankets.  I travel with blankets year-round.  I also have a beach towel and toilet paper, a roll of paper towels, and sanitizer wipes.  Plus, who doesn't have a wad of napkins from a fast-food restaurant?  In late fall I add in a shovel, jumper cables, a handy dandy 4 wick heater/candle that one of my brothers gave me.  I also have a bag of sweat pants and sweatshirt, extra mittens, and caps.  I have a bag of sand, more so for weight, although I know my vehicle is heavy enough, if I have to cut it open to use for traction, I got a multi-tool in the vehicle too.

The next important thing is non-perishable food items.  I have granola bars and bags of jerky.  I tried to keep chocolate bars in the car, but as a chocoholic, they get eaten within a week.  I know they are in there, I eat them, I promise to replenish my stash, but it just starts the cycle of buy, eat, buy some more.  I also have some bottles of water too.

I did purchase the phone charger that hooks up to my vehicle, so I can keep my phone charged in case of an emergency too.  I also carry a first aid kit too.

Hopefully, I will never have to use any of it in an emergency.  Maybe I should buy some chocolate bars....just in case.


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