How can people tell that you're from North Dakota? When I go other places around the country it's always funny when you tell people you're from Bismarck, ND. They assume that we are part of Canada or don't know where it's at. Some know where it's at because they've watched the movie Fargo.

The sayings that people use and some people have told me that they're North Dakota sayings include: 'it's a horse a piece', 'it is what it is' , and there's many others. North Dakota has a lot of stuff to do and most people never even think of the Badlands. The unfortunate part is we don't have any mountains but it's great to go out and see the Badlands.

What's your favorite part about living in North Dakota? I think a lot of people like it here because the traffic isn't that bad and the crime rate isn't so bad either. Everyone knows everyone here and it's like living in a small town. The only complaints I have is I wish some of my favorite restaurants were here in Bismarck, and I hate when winter gets -25 below for a few weeks.

North Dakota really got put on the map with the oil boom and when Carson Wentz got drafted to the NFL. I'm glad to be from this great town and state. I know Bismarck-Mandan, and the rest of ND will continue to keep growing. Many people move here and say they love it and will never move anywhere else.


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