First off, these dudes aren't really "wackos" at all- allow me to Google this for both of us... "How much money is in an ATM?"

NPR popped up with this little tidbit...

ATMs typically hold cassettes with room for 1,000 bills each. If you're talking twenties, ten cassettes add up to as much as $200,000. Usually they hold less, but all told, physical attacks on ATMs cost the industry $4.5 million annually in the U.S.

Now, there's lots of other Google queries you could make like.."Do ATMs have more cash on the weekends?" or "How do I open the ATM once I get it home?" But, I'll let you have that in your search history when the Feds come.

So like they say in the NPR article 

The thefts tend to occur in clusters, with a group of thieves hitting multiple locations within a state or metropolitan area. Oakland saw four such thefts last month, while San Diego County experienced nearly twice that many in recent weeks.

Right now in the Peace Garden State, we seem to have a little rash of thefts occurring.  Whether, they're connected, or just copycats, or just people that are being motivated by me writing this article.  But here's what I've seen lately in the news..

Early morning Monday December 7th at the Valley City Fuel near Litchville, North Dakota. ATM jacking a success.

3:45 AM December 14th on Main Street in Arthur North Dakota. ATM jacking unsuccessful.

Early morning Monday January 4th Farmers Union Cenex also in Litchville, North Dakota.  ATM jacking successful.

Sheriff Randy McClaflin says the ATM was stolen Monday morning from the Farmer’s Union Cenex.  The sheriff says the front door of the business was smashed and the ATM was pulled out with a vehicle  The Barnes, Lamoure and Cass County Sheriff’s Departments are investigating along with the state bureau of criminal investigation.

Wouldn't ya think the Feds are sniffing around too?  Is that like a bank job? I'm not Googling that either...I think I've already gone too far.

Keep your hands on your crisp 20's y'all.

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