Deb Steffeck, now a North Dakota resident, moved to Denver, Colorado in 1977. That year, the Denver Broncos' self-proclaimed biggest fan was born.

Yesterday (Feb 1) KX News featured Steffeck, who not only has eight Broncos jerseys and owned season tickets for nine years, but is also North Dakota's only driver with a vanity plate that reads 'BRONCOS'.

Steffeck also collects countless other forms of Broncos paraphernalia, including the usual stuff such as buttons, hats, magnets, trading cards and autographs, as well as more obscure objects like a potato sack featuring the Broncos logo.

Deb will watch the Super Bowl, in which her 12-4 Broncos take on Carolina's 15-1 Panthers, from home this year, since "every time I did [go to a Super Bowl party], they lost. So this year I am staying home. I'll probably wear the white jersey like the Broncos will be wearing." She'll have all five TV's in the house tuned to the same channel, so she won't miss a second of the big game.

Says Steffeck, "I'm going to call the game 31-17 Denver."

Super Bowl 50, or Super Bowl L, will air on CBS at 5:30 p.m. CT this Sunday, February 7. All the action will go down at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

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