Another One (in my DJ Khaled voice):

Yep, another dangerous and costly TikTok trend is making its way through the Midwest, and it's EXACTLY how it sounds.

Come Get Your Kids

You remember those old commercials... The Kool Aid Man is a giant jug of Kool Aid that bust through everyone's walls and doors, bringing along with him a refreshing drink...


The Kool Aid Man Challenge

So, I think you know where I'm going with this. Just guess what the kids are doing these days? Running. Into. Fences. On. Purpose.

Look, while the Kool Aid Man does bring refreshing drinks, jumping into walls and fences brings... concussions. Look alive out here kiddos. You only have to be, roughly, 6 percent smarter than the people making these videos in order to realize it's a bad idea.

How It Started:

It started in Omaha, Nebraska; A group of kids were caught on camera jumping into a fence, as a way to mimic the Kool-Aid Man. Several local news stations reported on the incident, and people all over the country are on high alert.

Here's a video of one of those reports from KMTV:

Courtesy: KMTV 3 News Now,

Can You Say "Vandalism"? How About "Trespassing"? Ohhh Yeeeeaaah We Can!

Let's hope this doesn't make it's way to North Dakota, but these things do typically spread like wildfire. So, if you wake up one morning to a destroyed fence, just know, this might have been what happened.


What would you do if your property was destroyed because of a TikTok challenge? I know I wouldn't be very "Kool" about it.

If you are a victim of this very odd and random crime, make sure you notify the proper authorities.


Courtesy of RealityVirtual,


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