A bill proposed in the North Dakota House by Ben Koppleman would allow a parent to opt their child out of any school activity or test that they find unacceptable.

In recent years, much public discourse has been on the subject of parents being able to choose what is best for their kids in terms of their education.

Under this bill, the superintendent of a school district would have to, "respect and support the right of a parent to opt a child of the parent out of public school and any activity, practice, or testing, with no interference from the state, which the parent finds unacceptable or to which the parent has a philosophical, moral, or religious objection."

It is fair to allow a parent to decide what is best for his or her child however not all parents are experts in education. It is very interesting to allow a parent to opt a child out of pretty much anything for a very unspecific reason.

It's difficult to speculate why a parent may assume some sort of activity or test is 'unacceptable.'

The law also states that the school would not be liable for any 'consequence' the student incurs due to the parent opting the child out of an activity or test.

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