If it seems like you've been receiving a lot of robocalls of late, you're not alone.

YouMail, which is a free service that helps individuals stop the influx of robocalls, released a report today showing that all across the United States, people have seena huge uptick in robocalls through the first six months of 2017.

According to the report, North Dakotans have received a 56 percent increase in robocalls in 2017 so far compared with 2016.

YouMail has a website called RobocallIndex.com which further breaks down data. According to Robocall Index, in the month of June, residents with a 701 area code received 3.2 million robocalls in the month of June, an average of 5 robocalls per person.

Robocall Index also listed the top 10 phone numbers people in North Dakota received robocalls from:


There are a variety of apps available for cell phones to try and stop robocalls. Your cell phone provider may also give you the option to block certain numbers for a certain amount of time. Unfortunately though, it's no easy task to fully eliminate robocalls.

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